Interface ConsumerOptions

consume options.

interface ConsumerOptions {
    describe?: string;
    fw?: Forwarder;
    modifyInterest?: Modify;
    retx?: RetxPolicy;
    signal?: AbortSignal;
    verifier?: Verifier;


  • CommonOptions
    • ConsumerOptions


    describe?: string

    Description for debugging purpose.

    In a consumer, "consume" + Interest name. In a producer, "produce" + main prefix.

    Logical forwarder instance.


    modifyInterest?: Modify

    Modify Interest according to specified options.

    undefined, no modification.

    retx?: RetxPolicy

    Retransmission policy.

    undefined, no retransmission.

    signal?: AbortSignal

    AbortSignal that allows cancelation via AbortController.

    In a consumer, the promise returned by consume() is rejected. In a producer, the producer is closed.

    verifier?: Verifier

    Data verifier.

    undefined, no verification.