Interface ServerOptions

interface ServerOptions {
    challenges: readonly ServerChallenge<any>[];
    endpoint?: Endpoint;
    issuerId?: ComponentLike;
    probe?: ProbeHandler;
    profile: CaProfile;
    repo: RepoDataStore;
    repoFwHint?: FwHint;
    signer: Signer;


challenges: readonly ServerChallenge<any>[]

Supported challenges.

endpoint?: Endpoint

Endpoint for communication.

Default Value

Endpoint on default logical forwarder.
issuerId?: ComponentLike

IssuerId on issued certificates.

probe?: ProbeHandler

PROBE command handler.

profile: CaProfile

The CA profile.

repo: RepoDataStore

Repo for storing issued certificates.

repoFwHint?: FwHint

Forwarding hint to retrieve certificates from the repo.

signer: Signer

CA private key, must match the certificate in the CA profile.

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