Class KeyChainSerializedAbstract

KeyChain adapter that serializes function calls.

Only one s* function would be invoked at a time. Do not invoke a non-s* function from within an s* function, otherwise it would cause a deadlock.

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mutex: Mutex = ...
needJwk: boolean

Return whether .insertKey() method expects JsonWebKey instead of CryptoKey.


  • Create a signer from keys and certificates in the KeyChain.


    Returns Promise<Signer>

    If name is a certificate name, sign with the corresponding private key, and use the specified certificate name as KeyLocator.

    If name is a key name, sign with the specified private key. If a non-self-signed certificate exists for this key, use the certificate name as KeyLocator. Otherwise, use the key name as KeyLocator.

    If name is neither a certificate name nor a key name, it is interpreted as a subject name. A non-self-signed certificate of this subject name is preferred. If no such certificate exists, use any key of this subject name.

    If prefixMatch is true, name can also be interpreted as a prefix of the subject name.