interface GetSignerOptions {
    fallback?: Signer | GetSignerFallback;
    prefixMatch?: boolean;
    useKeyNameKeyLocator?: boolean;


Fallback when no matching or certificate is found.

If this is a function, it is invoked when no matching key or certificate is found. The function should either return a fallback Signer or reject the promise.

If this is a Signer, it is used when no matching key or certificate is found.

prefixMatch?: boolean

Whether to allow prefix match between name argument and subject name.


If false, name argument must equal subject name, key name, or certificate name. If true, name argument may be a prefix of subject name.

useKeyNameKeyLocator?: boolean

Whether to prefer key name in KeyLocator.


If false, KeyLocator is a certificate name when a non-self-signed certificate exists. If true, KeyLocator is the key name.