Module @ndn/nfdmgmt


This package is part of NDNts, Named Data Networking libraries for the modern web.

This package implements basic support for NFD Management protocol. In particular, it enables prefix registration on NFD.

import { enableNfdPrefixReg } from "@ndn/nfdmgmt";

// other imports for examples
import { Endpoint } from "@ndn/endpoint";
import { Forwarder, type FwFace } from "@ndn/fw";
import { generateSigningKey } from "@ndn/keychain";
import { UnixTransport } from "@ndn/node-transport";
import { Data, Interest, Name } from "@ndn/packet";
import { delay, fromUtf8, toUtf8 } from "@ndn/util";
import assert from "node:assert/strict";

NFD Prefix Registration

enableNfdPrefixReg function enables NFD prefix registration. The snippet here shows API usage. If you are using @ndn/cli-common package, this is called automatically if the uplink connects to NFD.

// Create two forwarders, one as consumer and one as producer.
const fwC = Forwarder.create();
const fwP = Forwarder.create();

// Connect to NFD using Unix socket transport.
const unixSocket = process.env.DEMO_NFD_UNIX ?? "/run/nfd.sock";
let uplinkC: FwFace;
try {
uplinkC = await UnixTransport.createFace({ fw: fwC }, unixSocket);
} catch {
// Skip the example if NFD is not running.
console.warn("NFD not running");
const uplinkP = await UnixTransport.createFace({ fw: fwP, addRoutes: [] }, unixSocket);

// Generate a signing key and enable NFD prefix registration.
const [privateKey] = await generateSigningKey("/K");
enableNfdPrefixReg(uplinkP, { signer: privateKey });

// Start a producer.
const producer = new Endpoint({ fw: fwP }).produce("/P",
async () => {
return new Data("/P", Data.FreshnessPeriod(1000), toUtf8("NDNts + NFD"));
await delay(500);

// Start a consumer, fetch Data from the producer via NFD.
const data = await new Endpoint({ fw: fwC }).consume(new Interest("/P", Interest.MustBeFresh));
const payloadText = fromUtf8(data.content);
console.log("received", `${} ${payloadText}`);
assert.equal(payloadText, "NDNts + NFD");

// Close faces.

Signed Interest 0.2

Previously, NFD Management protocol uses the deprecated Signed Interest 0.2 format. signInterest02 function provides basic support for this older format.

NFD is now accepting the Signed Interest format in NDN packet spec and this package has switched to it. However, signInterest02 function is temporarily kept for interoperability with other programs that follows the structure of NFD Management protocol but still requires the old format.





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