Module @ndn/l3face


This package is part of NDNts, Named Data Networking libraries for the modern web.

This package implements network layer face and transport base types. Notable content includes:

  • Transport type: transport base type,
  • StreamTransport type: Node.js stream-based transport implementation.
  • rxFromStream function: extract TLVs from continuous byte stream.
  • rxFromPacketIterable function: decode TLVs from datagrams.
  • L3Face type: TLV-oriented network layer face, for use with logical Forwarder of @ndn/fw package.
  • L3Face.makeCreateFace function: higher-order function that generates *Transport.createFace functions.
  • Bridge type: pass packets between two logical forwarders, primarily for unit testing.

See @ndn/node-transport package for more explanation and examples.






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