Contextual information to decode and verify CHALLENGE request packet.

interface Context {
    lookupRequest: ((requestId: Uint8Array) => Promisable<undefined | RequestInfo>);
    profile: CaProfile;
    signedInterestPolicy: SignedInterestPolicy;


  • ContextBase
    • Context


lookupRequest: ((requestId: Uint8Array) => Promisable<undefined | RequestInfo>)

Callback to locate request session.

Type declaration

    • (requestId): Promisable<undefined | RequestInfo>
    • Parameters

      • requestId: Uint8Array

        Request session ID.

      Returns Promisable<undefined | RequestInfo>

      Request session information, or undefined if not found.

profile: CaProfile

CA profile packet.

signedInterestPolicy: SignedInterestPolicy

Signed Interest validation policy.