Interface EncryptionAlgorithm<I, Asym, G>

WebCrypto based encryption algorithm implementation.

Type Parameters

  • I = any

  • Asym extends boolean = any

  • G = any



cryptoGenerate: ((params, extractable) => Promise<If<Asym, GeneratedKeyPair<I>, GeneratedSecretKey<I>, never>>)

Type declaration

importSpki?: ((spki, der) => Promise<CryptoAlgorithm.PublicKey<I>>)

Type declaration

keyUsages: If<Asym, Record<"private" | "public", readonly KeyUsage[]>, Record<"secret", readonly KeyUsage[]>, {}>
makeLLDecrypt: If<Asym, ((key) => LLDecrypt), ((key) => LLDecrypt), unknown>
makeLLEncrypt: If<Asym, ((key) => LLEncrypt), ((key) => LLEncrypt), unknown>
uuid: string

Identifies an algorithm in storage. This should be changed when the serialization format changes.

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