Interface Producer

A running producer.

interface Producer {
    close: (() => void);
    dataBuffer?: DataBuffer;
    face: FwFace;
    prefix: undefined | Name;
    processInterest: ((interest) => Promise<undefined | Data>);


close: (() => void)

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Close the producer.

      Returns void

dataBuffer?: DataBuffer
face: FwFace
prefix: undefined | Name
processInterest: ((interest) => Promise<undefined | Data>)

Type declaration

    • (interest): Promise<undefined | Data>
    • Process an Interest received elsewhere.

      Use case of this function:

      1. Producer A dynamically creates producer B upon receiving an Interest.
      2. Producer A can invoke this function to let producer B generate a response.
      3. The response should be sent by producer A.


      Returns Promise<undefined | Data>

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