Interface FchRequest

FCH service request.


  • FchRequest


count?: number

Number of routers. Ignored if transports is a Record.

ipv4?: boolean

IPv4 allowed?

ipv6?: boolean

IPv6 allowed?

network?: string

Network authority, such as "yoursunny".

position?: [lon: number, lat: number]

Client geolocation.

server?: string

FCH service URI.

signal?: AbortSignal

AbortSignal that allows canceling the request via AbortController.

transport?: string

Transport protocol, such as "udp". Ignored if transports is specified.

transports?: readonly string[] | Record<string, number>

Transport protocols. If this is an array of transport protocols, the quantity of each is specified by count. If this is a Record, each key is a transport protocol and each value is the quantity.

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