acceptContentType?: readonly number[]

List of acceptable ContentType values. Default is [0].

Use given congestion avoidance instance.

conventions?: readonly [VersionConvention, SegmentConvention][]

List of acceptable version+segment naming convention combinations. If this is specified and non-empty, it overrides versionConvention,segmentNumConvention.

describe?: string

FwFace description.

endpoint?: Endpoint

Use the specified endpoint instead of the default.

estimatedFinalSegNum?: number

Estimated final segment number (inclusive). If specified, FetchLogic sends Interests up to this segment number initially as permitted by congestion control, then sends further Interests in a stop-and-wait manner, unless a new estimation or known finalSegNum is provided via setFinalSegNum() function.

expectedSuffixLen?: number | typeof ANY_SUFFIX_LEN

Expected number of suffix components, including Version and Segment. Minimum and default are 2, i.e. Version and Segment components. ANY_SUFFIX_LEN allows any suffix length.

lifetimeAfterRto?: number

InterestLifetime added to RTO. Default is 1000ms. Ignored if lifetime is set.

modifyInterest?: Modify

Modify Interest according to specified options. This can also be used to witness Interests without modification.

retxLimit?: number

Maximum number of retransmissions, excluding initial Interest. Default is 15.

rtte?: RttEstimator | Partial<Parameters>

Use given RttEstimator instance or construct RttEstimator from options.

segmentNumConvention?: SegmentConvention

Choose a segment number naming convention. Default is Segment from @ndn/naming-convention2 package.

segmentRange?: [number, undefined | number]

Specify segment number range as [begin, end). The begin segment number is inclusive and the end segment number is exclusive. If the begin segment number is greater than the final segment number, fetching will fail. If the end segment number is undefined or greater than the final segment number, fetching will stop at the final segment.

signal?: AbortSignal

AbortSignal that allows canceling the Interest via AbortController.

verifier?: Verifier

If specified, verify received Data.

versionConvention?: VersionConvention

Choose a version naming convention. Default is Version from @ndn/naming-convention2 package.

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