endpoint?: Endpoint

Endpoint for communication.

msgInterestLifetime?: number

InterestLifetime of msg Interests.

msgRetx?: RetxPolicy

Retransmission policy of msg Interests. Default is 2 retransmissions.

notifyInterestLifetime?: number

InterestLifetime of notify Interests.

notifyRetx?: RetxPolicy

Retransmission policy of notify Interests. Default is 2 retransmissions.

parallel?: number

Maximum number of parallel insertions. Default is 16.

progressTimeout?: number

Progress update timeout in milliseconds. If no progress update is received for this period of time, the command is deemed failed. Default is 10 seconds.

pubAnnouncement?: false | Name

Prefix announcement to receive msg Interests. Default is pubFwHint, or pubPrefix.

pubFwHint?: Name

Forwarding hint of the local application.

pubPrefix?: Name

Name prefix of the local application. Default is a random local name that only works when the subscriber is on local machine.

pubSigner?: Signer

Key to sign publications. This key should be trusted to sign objects under pubPrefix. Default is digest signing. This may overridden on a per-publication basis by PublicationCallback returning Data.

pubVerifier?: Verifier

Verifier for publications. Default is no verification.

repoPrefix: Name

Name prefix of the repo instance. This corresponds to ndn-python-repo.conf repo_config.repo_name key.

subAnnouncement?: false

Set to false to disable prefix announcements for receiving notify Interests.

subSigner?: Signer

Key to sign notify Data. Default is digest signing.

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