Module @ndn/sync


This package is part of NDNts, Named Data Networking libraries for the modern web.

This package contains dataset synchronization and pubsub protocols, including:

  • PSync - FullSync
    • complete unit test
  • PSync - PartialSync
    • simple unit test
    • application nack handling is incomplete
  • syncps - Pubsub
    • simple unit test
    • note: current implementation is compatible with DNMP-v2 syncps, not DCT syncps
  • StateVectorSync, revision 2021-12-15
    • complete unit test
    • core synchronization logic only, does not deal with Data fetching
  • SVS-PS, revision 2023-05-19
    • simple unit test

Most of these protocol implementations are parameterized. Certain algorithm settings (e.g. hashtable size) and encoding details (e.g. endianness) are extracted from the core logic and put into Parameters structures. Each protocol has at least a set of compat parameters that is consistent with the reference implementation, validated in sync-interop. In the future, there would be alternative parameter sets optimized for the modern web (e.g. smaller code bundle size), but incompatible with the reference implementation.







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