Module @ndn/naming-convention1


This package is part of NDNts, Named Data Networking libraries for the modern web.

This package implements NDN naming conventions based on marker octets. This format, sometimes known as rev1 format, is specified in NDN-TR-0022 revision 1, published in 2014. You should not use this outdated and obsolete format in new applications, except for accessing old data. Use rev3 format from @ndn/naming-convention2 package instead.

import { Version, Segment } from "@ndn/naming-convention1";
// We also have ByteOffset, Timestamp, and SequenceNum.

// other imports for examples
import { Name } from "@ndn/packet";
import assert from "node:assert/strict";

// Append name component with marker.
const name = new Name("/A")
.append(Version, 3)
.append(Segment, 0);
assert.equal(name.toString(), "/8=A/8=%FD%03/8=%00%00");

// Parse name component as marker.
assert.equal(, 3);
assert.equal(, 0);