Match or construct a KeyLocator or certificate name.

To match a KeyLocator or certificate name, use a ConcatPattern that contains patterns to match the subject name, followed by a CertNamePattern at last. The captured variable contains the whole KeyLocator or certificate name that can be further recognized by CertNaming.parseKeyName() and CertNaming.parseCertName().

Using the same ConcatPattern, the constructed name would be the subject name. It can be passed to keyChain.getSigner() to find a key/certificate.




  • Build names following the structure of this pattern.


    • Rest ...varsL: VarsLike[]

      sets of variables to be replaced into the name.

    Returns Iterable<Name>

    an iterable of possible names.

  • Determine whether a name matches the structure of this pattern.


    • name: Name

      input name.

    Returns Iterable<Vars>

    an iterable of extracted fields in possible interpretations.

  • Recognize part of the input name.


    • state: MatchState

    Returns Iterable<MatchState>

    iterable of potential matches.

  • Build part of an output name.


    Returns Iterable<BuildState>

    iterable of potential constructions.

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