Class DataTape

DataTape is a file or stream that consists of a sequence of Data packets. This type implements DataStore interfaces on top of such a file or stream.


  • DataTape



  • Constructor.


    • stream: string | ReadableStream | WritableStream | OpenStream

      a readable/writable stream, a function to (re)open the stream, or a filename.

      If stream is a stream (instead of a function or a filename), only one method may be called once. Otherwise, methods can be called, but they must be sequenced because this type is non-thread-safe.

      DataTape.Reader methods are available only if the stream is readable. DataTape.Writer methods are available only if the stream is writable.

    Returns DataTape


  • Insert one or more Data packets.

    Arguments include:

    • an optional Options object
    • zero or more Data, Iterable, or AsyncIterable


    • Rest ...args: (Data | AnyIterable<Data>)[] | [{}, ...(Data | AnyIterable<Data>)[]]

    Returns Promise<void>

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