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Module web-bluetooth-transport


This package is part of NDNts, Named Data Networking libraries for the modern web.

This package implements a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) client transport using Web Bluetooth API. As of 2021-08-29, Web Bluetooth API is only available in Chrome-based browsers. The protocol is compatible with esp8266ndn BleServerTransport class, summarized in the next section.

Tested combinations:

  • Chrome 92 on Windows 10, nRF52832: works.
  • Chrome 92 on Windows 10, ESP32: works; however, the client is unable to enable notification (startNotifications throws error) and relies on readValue polling to receive packets, causing higher latency and increased power consumption.
  • Chrome on Android: does not work, insufficient MTU.

NDN-BLE protocol

This protocol defines how to exchange NDN packets over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), between a BLE server (aka peripheral) and a BLE client (aka central).

The server and client should negotiate the maximum possible MTU. This protocol does not define a fragmentation scheme.

The server must provide a primary service, NDN-BLE service. Its UUID is 099577e3-0788-412a-8824-395084d97391. This service shall contain two characteristics: CS and SC.

CS characteristic enables client-to-server transmission. Its UUID is cc5abb89-a541-46d8-a351-2f95a6a81f49. To transmit a packet from client to server, the client shall write a value to this characteristic.

SC characteristic enables server-to-client transmission. Its UUID is 972f9527-0d83-4261-b95d-b1b2fc73bde4. The client should enable notifications on this characteristic. To transmit a packet from server to client, the server shall write a value to this characteristic, then post a notification.


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