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This package is part of NDNts, Named Data Networking libraries for the modern web.

This package implements a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) client transport using Web Bluetooth API. The protocol is compatible with esp8266ndn BleServerTransport class, summarized in the next section.

This package supports Chrome browser only. Tested combinations:

  • Chrome on Windows 10 as client, nRF52832 as server: works.
  • Chrome on Windows 10 as client, ESP32 as server: does not work, exception in Characteristic.startNotifications().
  • Chrome on Android as client, nRF52832 as server: does not work, insufficient MTU.

NDN-BLE protocol

This protocol defines how to exchange NDN packets over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), between a BLE server (aka peripheral) and a BLE client (aka central).

The server and client should negotiate the maximum possible MTU. This protocol does not define a fragmentation scheme.

The server must provide a primary service, NDN-BLE service. Its UUID is 099577e3-0788-412a-8824-395084d97391. This service shall contain two characteristics: CS and SC.

CS characteristic enables client-to-server transmission. Its UUID is cc5abb89-a541-46d8-a351-2f95a6a81f49. To transmit a packet from client to server, the client shall write a value to this characteristic.

SC characteristic enables server-to-client transmission. Its UUID is 972f9527-0d83-4261-b95d-b1b2fc73bde4. The client should enable notifications on this characteristic. To transmit a packet from server to client, the server shall write a value to this characteristic, then initiate a notification.




UUID_CS: "cc5abb89-a541-46d8-a351-2f95a6a81f49" = "cc5abb89-a541-46d8-a351-2f95a6a81f49"


UUID_SC: "972f9527-0d83-4261-b95d-b1b2fc73bde4" = "972f9527-0d83-4261-b95d-b1b2fc73bde4"


UUID_SVC: "099577e3-0788-412a-8824-395084d97391" = "099577e3-0788-412a-8824-395084d97391"


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