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Module ndncert


This package is part of NDNts, Named Data Networking libraries for the modern web.

This package partially implements NDN Certificate Management protocol v0.3 and challenges.


  • CA profile (segmentation not supported)
  • PROBE command
  • certificate issuance: NEW and CHALLENGE commands
  • certificate renewal
  • certificate revocation
  • CA publishes issued certificates to @ndn/repo


  • PIN
  • email, with name assignment policy
  • proof of possession, with name assignment policy
  • "nop" (not in NDNCERT spec)

@ndn/keychain-cli package offers ndnts-keychain ndncert03-profile, ndnts-keychain ndncert03-ca, ndnts-keychain ndncert03-client commands that use this implementation.


Type aliases


ParameterKV: Record<string, Uint8Array>

Parameter key-value pair.


Const C

C: { CA: Component; CHALLENGE: Component; INFO: Component; NEW: Component; PROBE: Component } = ...

Type declaration

Const TT

TT: { AuthenticationTag: number; CaCertificate: number; CaInfo: number; CaPrefix: number; CertRequest: number; CertToRevoke: number; Challenge: number; ChallengeStatus: number; EcdhPub: number; EncryptedPayload: number; ErrorCode: number; ErrorInfo: number; InitializationVector: number; IssuedCertName: number; MaxSuffixLength: number; MaxValidityPeriod: number; ParameterKey: number; ParameterValue: number; ProbeRedirect: number; ProbeResponse: number; RemainingTime: number; RemainingTries: number; RequestId: number; Salt: number; SelectedChallenge: number; Status: number } = ...

Type declaration

  • AuthenticationTag: number
  • CaCertificate: number
  • CaInfo: number
  • CaPrefix: number
  • CertRequest: number
  • CertToRevoke: number
  • Challenge: number
  • ChallengeStatus: number
  • EcdhPub: number
  • EncryptedPayload: number
  • ErrorCode: number
  • ErrorInfo: number
  • InitializationVector: number
  • IssuedCertName: number
  • MaxSuffixLength: number
  • MaxValidityPeriod: number
  • ParameterKey: number
  • ParameterValue: number
  • ProbeRedirect: number
  • ProbeResponse: number
  • RemainingTime: number
  • RemainingTries: number
  • RequestId: number
  • Salt: number
  • SelectedChallenge: number
  • Status: number



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