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Optional addRoutes

addRoutes: Name[]

Routes to be added on the create face. Default is ["/"].

Optional capabilities

capabilities: string[]

Required router capabilities.

Optional connectTimeout

connectTimeout: number

Connect timeout (in milliseconds).

Optional count

count: number

Maximum number of faces to establish.

Optional fchFallback

fchFallback: string[]

List of routers to use in case FCH request fails.

Optional fw

Optional mtu

mtu: number

Override MTU of datagram faces.

Optional position

position: [lon: number, lat: number] | typeof IpGeolocation

GPS position in GeoJSON [lon,lat] format, or IpGeolocation.

Optional preferFastest

preferFastest: boolean

Choose one face with fastest testConnection completion and close others.

Optional preferProtocol

preferProtocol: PreferProtocol

Prefer one transport protocol over others.

Optional server

server: string

FCH server, must be https for browser.

Optional testConnection

testConnection: Name | ((face: FwFace) => Promise<any>)

Test that the face can reach a given name, or provide custom tester function.

Optional tryDefaultGateway

tryDefaultGateway: boolean

Consider default IPv4 gateway as a candidate.

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