Interface Options


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chunkSize?: number

Segment chunk size of inner Data packet. Default is 8000.

endpoint?: Endpoint

Endpoint for communication.

id: Name

Publisher node ID.

innerSigner?: Signer

Inner Data signer. Default is NullSigning.

mappingSigner?: Signer

Mapping Data signer. Default is NullSigning.

outerSigner?: Signer

Outer Data signer. Default is NullSigning.

Data repository used for this publisher. DataStore type from @ndn/repo package satisfies the requirement. Other lightweight implementations may be possible.

sync: SvSync

SvSync instance.

Multiple SvSubscribers and SvPublishers may reuse the same SvSync instance. However, publications from a SvPublisher cannot reach SvSubscribers on the same SvSync instance.

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