PartialSubscriber constructor options.

interface Options {
    describe?: string;
    endpoint?: Endpoint;
    p: PSyncPartialSubscriber.Parameters;
    syncInterestInterval?: [min: number, max: number];
    syncInterestLifetime?: number;
    syncPrefix: Name;
    verifier?: Verifier;


describe?: string

Description for debugging purpose.

endpoint?: Endpoint

Endpoint for communication.

Default Value

Endpoint on default logical forwarder.

Algorithm parameters.


They must match the publisher parameters.

syncInterestInterval?: [min: number, max: number]

Interval between sync Interests, randomized within the range, in milliseconds.

Default Value


syncInterestLifetime?: number

Sync Interest lifetime in milliseconds.

Default Value

syncPrefix: Name

Sync producer prefix.

verifier?: Verifier

Verifier of sync reply Data packets.

Default Value

no verification

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