interface Parameters {
    contentCompression: Compression;
    decodeBloom: ((Bloom, comps) => Promise<BloomFilter>);
    decodeState: ((payload) => State);
    encodeBloom: ((bf) => Component[]);
    encodeBloomLength: number;
    encodeState: ((state) => Uint8Array);
    iblt: IBLT.Parameters;
    ibltCompression: Compression;
    joinPrefixSeqNum: ((ps) => PrefixSeqNumEncoded);
    nUselessCompsAfterIblt: number;
    threshold: number;
    toBloomKey: ((prefix) => string | Uint8Array);


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  • Parameters
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contentCompression: Compression

Compression method for State in segmented object.

decodeBloom: ((Bloom, comps) => Promise<BloomFilter>)

Type declaration

    • (Bloom, comps): Promise<BloomFilter>
    • Decode a Bloom filter.


      • Bloom: typeof BloomFilter
      • comps: readonly Component[]

      Returns Promise<BloomFilter>

decodeState: ((payload) => State)

Type declaration

    • (payload): State
    • Decode State from buffer (without decompression).


      • payload: Uint8Array

      Returns State

encodeBloom: ((bf) => Component[])

Type declaration

encodeBloomLength: number

Number of name components in an encoded Bloom filter.

encodeState: ((state) => Uint8Array)

Type declaration

    • (state): Uint8Array
    • Encode State to buffer (without compression).


      • state: State

      Returns Uint8Array

ibltCompression: Compression

Compression method for IBLT in name component.

joinPrefixSeqNum: ((ps) => PrefixSeqNumEncoded)

Type declaration

    • (ps): PrefixSeqNumEncoded
    • Encode prefix and sequence number to byte array.


      • ps: PrefixSeqNum

      Returns PrefixSeqNumEncoded

nUselessCompsAfterIblt: number

Number of useless components between IBLT and Version.

threshold: number

If IBLT diff has at least this number of entries, respond with SyncData right away.

toBloomKey: ((prefix) => string | Uint8Array)

Type declaration

    • (prefix): string | Uint8Array
    • Convert a name prefix to a Bloom filter key.


      Returns string | Uint8Array

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