Interface Options

interface Options {
    announcement?: FwFace.RouteAnnouncement;
    autoBuffer?: boolean;
    concurrency?: number;
    dataBuffer?: DataBuffer;
    dataSigner?: Signer;
    describe?: string;
    fw?: Forwarder;
    modifyInterest?: Modify;
    retx?: RetxPolicy;
    routeCapture?: boolean;
    signal?: AbortSignal;
    verifier?: Verifier;



announcement?: FwFace.RouteAnnouncement

What name to be readvertised. Ignored if prefix is undefined.

autoBuffer?: boolean

Whether to add handler return value to buffer. Default is true. Ignored when dataBuffer is not specified.

concurrency?: number

How many Interests to process in parallel. Default is 1.

dataBuffer?: DataBuffer

Outgoing Data buffer.

dataSigner?: Signer

If specified, automatically sign Data packets unless already signed. This does not apply to Data packets manually inserted to the dataBuffer.

describe?: string

Description for debugging purpose.

modifyInterest?: Modify

Modify Interest according to specified options. Default is no modification.

retx?: RetxPolicy

Retransmission policy. Default is disabling retransmission.

routeCapture?: boolean

Whether routes registered by producer would cause @ndn/fw internal FIB to stop matching toward shorter prefixes. Default is true.

If all nexthops of a FIB entry are set to non-capture, FIB lookup may continue onto nexthops on FIB entries with shorter prefixes. One use case is in @ndn/sync package, where both local and remote sync participants want to receive each other's Interests.

signal?: AbortSignal

AbortSignal that allows canceling the Interest via AbortController.

verifier?: Verifier

Data verifier. Default is no verification.

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